Guildford Innovate 2019 - Sat 23rd march

Good news, we’ve been invited back for the 2019 version of Guildford Innovate.

The theme overall theme for the 2019 festival is ‘Future Living’.

Anyone who has some sparkling ideas for exhibits to put on the stand please step forward!


We are just completing the advancing information for this annual showcase event for the Makerspace.

It would be fantastic to have some exciting new exhibits on the stand for 2019.

Does anyone have some projects they think they might like to display ?

We also need volunteers to setup and chat to the public throughout the day, if you can come and lend a hand please let us know !

I can bring myself, Julian, possibly the octopus, maybe some of by handmade footwear?

That’s great news, thank you, everyone loves an octopus!

I think the footwear would be a good idea too, maybe even some modular synth items
might catch the ACM and other musical people.

Will definitely bring some footwear, both completed items and in progress. Who else is coming along?

@stochastic_forest please can you confirm when you want us to arrive, and do you have chairs sorted (or should I bring a folding one?) - thanks!

Thank you to everyone who is planning oncoming.

Setup starts at 7:00am, all deliveries in by 9:00am.

Official exhibitor information here.

Pictures are here