GH Leathers - in case you are needing supplies!

I can’t go to real shops to rummage in the leather scraps bins at the moment :frowning:

Fortunately one of the suppliers I’ve visited a few times (both in London and North Hants) is online, though more for larger pieces (some scrap bundles):
Etsy (offers free postage if you don’t need super-urgent courier)


They are a nice lot and I have just ordered some materials for next project (more boots!)

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Chose the free shipping option on etsy and it arrived in under 48 hours (I shall check contents in a week when safe to open)

My hides arrived, plus bonus sample book (thought people might like to see how diverse their stuff is):

May I have one of each please!

I hate to think how much that would set you back - what’s your plan for all the bling ones? :wink: