Geodesic Dome Project

Further to the conversation last night, here are some glimpses from the quadcopter fly-by of two geodesic domes from EMF Camp 2014.

The smaller one is at 1m30s ( and at 8m18s ) and a larger metal one, with cargo net play area and partial tarpaulin weather protection, is at 5m50s, just to the left of the two white marquees.


An overview of some dome construction methods can be found here.

And examples of what is possible from Hexayurts here.

The “Tube and Hub” design from that methods link, with the exposed frame and fabric skin inside the frame looks cool.

Agreed, I quite like that configuration too.

I have a 32ft round parachute that could potentially be draped over it.

Is that for in case you crash your 747-400 simulator?

As long as it’s waterproof I’m not asking questions :slight_smile:

Can we try out the overlapping waste pipe hub construction tomorrow night ?

We should decide how we might finance this :slight_smile:

Build group contributions or some sort of “state” funding.

I have spare at home 66 1.9m long Aluminium 24.5mm square tube that would be suitable.

Decision on hub/ joining method, dimensions and frequency will be needed.

This site has a good example of the largest size we could make with the lengths I have.They also have a interesting zip tie costruction method.

Thank you for looking those out!

A metal dome sounds like a much more durable build.
So we could get to about a 3M radius, perhaps a tad larger if we have some sort of ring hub, 2V structure?

The plastic pipe hub looks interesting, I’m thinking about how we might make square openings.

Perhaps we could experiment a little this Friday ?

Taken a quick look around… just some thoughts if you guys want to use the zip tie domes sort of hubs…

Outer Hub tube @110mm:

Inner Hub tube @50mm:

Extra spars if needed @25mm - (this is conduit which is a little cheaper than pipe, I’d check both options in store):

I don’t know how you’d apply a cover or what you’d use - the zip tie domes style uses a more complicated hub design that seems like a bit of a faff!

Thanks for looking those out Julian.

I had a look in store and my thoughts were that the 25mm conduit was a bit flexible at 2m lengths.

The 32mm waste pipe looked quite solid, they actually seem to measure around 2012mm.

and I think they had an offer at £1.19 on the shelf.

The 110mm soil pipe looks good, particularly in black.

We could make 3.336m radius 2V dome, with uncut blue struts and a 50mm allowance for the inner hub.

The current strategy for a cover is for Macaba to drape a parachute of the whole thing !

We have a splendiferous dome :slight_smile:

A big thanks to Andrew for finding the design, Julian for researching the parts, Macaba for procurement and construction, Takumo, JagMills and Macaba for the yet to be unveiled
splendid signage !!

Pictures to follow.

A photo :slight_smile:

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Looks awesome :slight_smile: looking forward to seeing it at the next event!

And with parachute !

Should be. If I can’t make it, I’ll build it at home and post an update.
Father’s Day weekend is always tricky.

Good luck at EMFCamp guys, wish I was there…

We have a new world record time for a 2 person dome deployment of 1hr 15mins !

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Hi guys I am pretty new to this website but i stumbled upon your website and had a question about geodesic domes. Is there a prefered material to build a geodesic dome ? Because i saw this on an israeli website but it doesn’t specify if all materials are viable or if one is better. Thanks in advance