Games Galaxy Aka "The warehouse" coming to an end

Hi All,

Many of the regulars know a couple of months ago I had a change of Job and somewhat a career change too.

This change means I am not as tightly integrated in the business i.e. I don’t go there every day. Coupled with the changing business needs and pressure on my personal time (Mostly needing to study to progress my new career) Means it is becoming increasingly difficult both from Games Galaxy’s and my own perspective to continue hosting the makerspace.

This is by no way an eviction notice, there is no specific timescale, Friday sessions will continue as normal for now. This message is more to let everyone know the situation and make sure everyone isn’t surprised if some time in the not too distant future I will have to call it a day (If and when I do I’ll provide as much notice as possible).

I would also like to highlight that we have been extremely close in securing a permanent space, and I would urge everyone to really get involved to expedite this process so we can move into a space before I have to call it a day at Games Galaxy. As mentioned before I don’t have much spare time, but I am committed to the makerspace, my monthly pledge still stands and really want to be part of us in a permanent space.

Just to reiterate Friday sessions will continue as normal.

Kind regards,