Free Keyrings to give away or sell

Hi everyone-

Matt said he’d need to make some nice momentos to give away (or sell?) at the next event where SHM has a stall, so I’ve left out some keychains that could be used to fashion some keyrings with pocket-sized discs of laser-etched wood (I’m thinking with a big stylised bee, space invader or Linux penguin on, with SHM somewhere too). Don’t know when these are needed by…I’ve got to go and no one’s here, so have fun with that…

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Than you very much for this @Heather they will be very useful , the next event is this Saturday 4pm-10pm at the Boileroom.

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Hi Matt, what event is this, and would you like me to promote it further on our social media streams?

My bad, this is actually on the Sunday, I’ve created an events post, that would be lovely @Claire_Lonsdale and anyone who would like to lend a hand would be warmly welcomed.

That’s great, I’ll come along for 4pm - unless you need help setting up?
You’re very welcome to my keyrings as they’ve been languishing in my findings drawers for 10+ years, some of them. Happy to see them put to good use :+1:

Thank you very much @Heather for your offer of help!

Lets hope they fly off the keyrings fly off the stall, it’s nice that if anything seems to be selling well. we can just run off a few more.

Thanks for the info and that was quite helpful.