Forum to-do List

Hi All,

This topic covers what I plan to do on the forum, and for others to give suggestions on how we can improve this forum, and also to help prioritise these items.

##Current TODO List
  1. Run the forum over SSL
  2. Posting and reply by e-mail
  3. Add site navigation to the forum (Blog, Wiki, Social Networks)

Feel free to post your suggestions or comment on the priorities of these items.

Probably worth waiting for [Let’s Encrypt][1] :wink:
[1]: http://%20

Little one

4 I get email alerts for my own replies to posts, even though I have “Do not suppress email notifications when I am active on the site” off.

Ability to embed gifs in posts (unless I’m missing something) :slight_smile:

Have you tried?

Aha :smile:

And you can attach them via email

Forgot to attach the image. Whoops!


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Uh oh…

Everything was fine when I left…

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