Flux Capacity

Just a little nod to a new purchase.
Normally I use the fairly common flux pens which I tend to find suffer from a variety of problems - leaking or drying up, and I find that they tend to make quite a bit of smoke during soldering.

After working on yet another synth module I decided to broaden my horizons and bought a small bottle of Topnik RF800 and I am amazed I haven’t done so in the past.

It is much cleaner than the flux I am used to (both clean and non clean), easier to apply with the little brush and smokes a lot less. The solder joints look a lot better too.

Really impressed. Example of an in progress board below, the second bottom-left IC done with the new stuff.

I should note that the massive splodges of rosin are due to the leaky flux pen :slight_smile: I have two, one lets none out and this one drips like a tap.