Event: LoRa talk and demo from Pycom's Alex - this Friday 21st at 8pm

Hi all

We’ve got a talk at the space on Friday 21st - Alex from Pycom will be talking about, and giving us a demonstration of, LoRa using the gateway they have installed in their office. LoRa is a low power, long range data transmitting tech that can send small amounts of data (IoT style) a very long way and be powered by batteries for years. Very interesting stuff. And there are already 2 gateways in Guildford.

Kick off is 8pm. I assume the projector is working, even if the laser cutter isn’t?

Regards, Mark

Projector worked well last wednesday for a talk, should have no problems there. The only limit is that it is a vga (or S-Video) projector, so no DVI or HDMI input.

The practical limit of the room for a talk is 10-12 (from limited testing).