ESP8266 Radio Control

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Is anyone interested?
Would anyone like me to bring it in to show?
Maybe I should publish source etc. somewhere, but I prefer to wait until I have it fully in use (plus I’m not sure where to put it).

Looks interesting. What does the RcCtrl board output? Is it just PWM with one pin per channel?

Would be interesting if you could use something like this to create a bridge device so you could control existing RC vehicles over wifi.

yes, 4 PWM outputs = 4 channels, Ch1 Right Horiz AILE, Ch2 Right Vertical ELEV, Ch3 Left Horizontal RUDD, Ch4 Left Vertical THRO, All servos ground and supply straight from battery.

I’ve looked into Radio Control a little bit, last time I ventured there it was plug in crystals, all the new Radio Control are WiFi 2.4GHz. But there is very little consistency even with kit from the same company. FlySky is quite reasonable in price, all FlySky receivers can be bound to any transmitters. TAMCO is not so reasonable and TAMCO 6 channel receivers will only bind to 6 channel transmitters, 4 channel receivers only bind to 4 channel transmitters etc. There is also a whole raft of extras. They are not just using WiFi, they are now using it in special ways and the ways are different for each supplier. Band hopping is interesting, swap bands every 200mS, if there is interference you only lose signal for 200mS gaps. Multi-bands: as per band swap, but use 2 bands at any 1 time, no gaps etc.
The binding and the details of all these differences are not published.
So what you are suggesting may be nice, but unlikely.
On the other hand, take an existing model, remove receiver, replace with my module, it will work.
FlySky 4 channel receivers are about £3.20, Tamco are about £20, you can make mine for around £5.