Equipment Summary

This is a summary list of what we need, and what we have.

Things We Have


:green_heart: Laser Cutter - 50W Chinese Laser.
:green_heart: 3D Printer - At least one Prusa Mendel.
:green_heart: Model Lathe - A small metal-working lathe.
:green_heart: Pillar Drill: for making holes in things.

Electronics Tools:

:green_heart: Soldering Station - A temp-controlled soldering iron and hot-air combo.
:green_heart: Oscilloscope - for looking at wavy things. Details TBC.
:green_heart: SMD Hotplate - A small hot-plate for reflowing SMD PCBs.

Hand Tools:


:green_heart: Blue Inserter 2000 - the most technological threaded insert inserter on the market.
:green_heart: Vacuum cleaner - @Jagmills is planning to donate his cylinder Dyson (this is as a result of him owning a hairy dog that calls for an upright instead)

Things We Want


:purple_heart: Hot-wire cutter: be nice to have. We should build one.
:purple_heart: Vacuum former: another one that we could make.
:purple_heart: Milling machine: a manual (or CNC, or convert to CNC) milling machine. Could be milling/drilling and save space.

Electronics Tools:

:purple_heart: Toaster Oven: for more controlled SMD reflowing.


:purple_heart: Computers: great and small, desktops to RPis.
:purple_heart: Small fridge: possibly larger than a mini fridge. Ideal for keeping snacks and tuck-shop related items (which has proved very popular) nice and chilly.
:purple_heart: Chairs: we need some chairs! Currently we have two swivel office types from GG. A few more of these, and lots more folding chairs, would be very useful.

Things We Have Decided We Don’t Want

:broken_heart: Fire
:broken_heart: Noxious laser cutter fumes

Please reply below if we have or want something that’s not on the list. Also, specific details such as make/model would be good to get added.

We will try to keep this post and thread clean, so may delete replies as they are processed into this list in order to prevent a 100-page thread of obsolete posts. If you need to discuss something, start your own thread.

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