EMF2018 Wiki and village

Coming to EMF? Contribute to the Wiki page for the SHM village :slight_smile:


Good News, I will be joining everyone at EMF.

“Your Electromagnetic Field 2018 installation “SHM Geodesic Interactive Kaleidoscope & Cinema” has been accepted!”

Now the hard work of preparing will definitely continue.

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I understand that @florian has also had a leather workshop accepted, so will be joining.

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Excellent news @AndrewPatience :slight_smile:

Hi all,

FYI Go Outdoors (nearest store is Basingstoke) have a hefty sale on at the moment :slight_smile:

I’ve picked a preliminary location for our village, in the north of camping site F.


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I’m intending on being there with @InverseSandwich and if all goes to plan, I’ll be bringing a campervan with awning and arrive on the Thursday as it looks like I might be able to get dispensation to park in the general camping area instead of the camping vehicle area. Therefore whoever arrives first, if that’s not me, please could they stake a claim for a large area fronting the EMF camp roadway so that I can park up with relatively easy entry/egress without the need to drive around any tents already erected, conversely I’ll bag us a decent sized spot if I’m there first.
If my disorganized plans go to rats, then I’ll let you know as soon as I can.

Do we know how much space we need for the dome and everyone else’s tents?

I am able to supply 16A leads of any length as well as 16-13A adapters, 16A Y-Splits and distros if needed.
I am also planning to bring a gig switch if nobody else is bringing one, in addition to CAT6 cable.

If anyone wants any of the above items, you have until midday this Wednesday to let me know and I’ll try my best to get hold of the kit you want.

I have created a #emfcamp channel on Slack if you wish to get hold of me easily.

There’s also a EMF camp whatsapp group - PM me if you’d like to be added.

@MikeBookham sounds like you might possibly be first there. I haven’t heard much about when we can actually get there so far. I’m off all day Thursday so can also be there that evening, if I’m allowed…

Some of SHM’s members sharing a drink with an EMF Camp 2018 participant… CAPTIONS Please !