EMF Camp 2022

EMP Camp 2022 has been announced for June 2nd–5th 2022
Eastnor, Herefordshire, UK

In previous years we have had a village at the festival. Would anyone be interested to come and join in?


Let’s make some awesome!
If you’re coming with your camper & willing to share, count me in! Though I take it we’re staying on a quieter plot this time…
Ps are you buying the tickets for everyone or are we doing this individually?

Update: my email address is not valid on EMF’s site to send a login link, but I’ve trawled through my emails and it seems they never sent the replacement tickets through like they said they would in early April 2020. I’ve replied to their last refund communication asking for the tickets, so we’ll see how this goes.

Aha- received a reply regarding this blog post.
Should receive tickets soon. No worries :relieved:

Electromagnetic Field 2022 Ticket Sales

Dec 28, 2021

We are almost ready to begin ticket sales for EMF 2022!

If you had a ticket for EMF 2020 you will receive a voucher by email allowing you to purchase a ticket for EMF 2022. We’ll be sending these in the coming weeks, and they will be valid for one month - once your voucher has expired you will have to buy tickets in the public sale.

If you bought a ticket for EMF 2020 and haven’t received a voucher by January 15, please drop us an email.

After the vouchers have expired, we will place any remaining tickets on public sale - keep an eye on our mailing list and Twitter for sale dates.

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Looking forward to EMF camp. It’s time to start getting tickets!
@InverseSandwich, @Jagmills, @florian would any of you be interested in coming again?


I have recieved my invitation to purchase up to 4 adult tickets for EMF Camp 2022. I will probably be using two so there might be another two going spare, if anybody is interested who hasn’t already got some.


Hi Matt,

So sorry about this, but as you suspected we do have to pay £137.50pp for EMF camp. You can send the PayPal payment (please make it ‘friends & family’, or there’s a charge) to giftgurumail@gmail.com, if that’s all right. As far as I remember I left your refund money for last time in that Christmas tin, so hopefully you can buy tickets again this time.


Heather G.


I do need to buy the tickets this week, so last shout for any takers by Thursday.


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I now have a spare ticket so don’t need any more.

The dome at EMF 2022.

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Domes are all the rage her at EMF, this smaller one built with Hazel sticks and manufactured hubs is from our near neighbour, BuildWithHubs DIY Garden Dome Kit – Build with Hubs.

If you haven’t brought a dome to wow the crowds then the next best thing is a shed load of LEDs splattered all over a cube.

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Anti-Surveillance Knitting talk from EMF 2022 here.

Quick video tour of the EMF camp weekend from James Bruton - video.