EMF Air Quality Sensor build - need power supply!

EMF camp is upon us again, folks!

While I’m doing several things at once to get ready, I have an urgent request before I sign up to said course below:

There’s a build-your-own sensor.community air quality monitoring station on Friday using a ESP8266 dev board and an SDS011 sensor, and I’m stoked to take a crack at it!

A USB power supply is not included…any ideas where I can get one in a hurry? (Sheepishly) are we just describing some sort of external battery here? Any spare at the Makerspace, perhaps? Happy to pay; just need it by Wednesday :+1:

Also, they said waterproofing will be discussed at the workshop but I need a vague idea of how big it will be - how flat, even - in case I can just bring a plastic documents box to take it home in…I wonder how sensitive/delicate the equipment will be? Just rather be safe than sorry regarding transportation :thinking:

Any help on this matter would be much appreciated, and hopefully I’ll be all ready to sign up soon

Hi @Heather,
yes you’re right. An external USB powerbank battery of moderate capacity would be fine if you have one.

As far as I can recall, I don’t think there is one lying around at the space.

A laptop with a USB output would also work. I’m pretty sure someone will be able to loan you a powerbank for the workshop if you don’t have another solution.

I think the discussion of waterproofing is for when you want to install it in its final location. Shouldn’t be a problem getting it home in plastic or other type of box. Sandwich box size should be suitable. My guess is that it won’t be that delicate, broadly like other bits of electronics.

Last EMF they were selling simple waterproof enclosures at the shop for around £5. Don’t know if they will be there again this time.