EMF 2018 Group Build

EMF fast approaches! I know of a lot of people who have been lucky enough to get tickets, and some members who have sadly missed out on the last round of tickets. Hopefully more will be made available soon :slight_smile:

This year it would be lovely to do some kind of group build. From very terse discussions last Friday, enhancing the SHMdome would probably be an ideal project!

So far two ideas have come up - fabric triangular panels for weather proofing, and LEDs for extra blinky. I know @AndrewPatience has some great sounding ideas around projecting stuff.

Anyone have any ideas of what we should do? Would be fab to get an early start!

Apologies for not updating earlier. I was not lucky enough to get tickets, but have emailed EMF to use the dome for the a geodesic projection screen and also giant batak.

I shall elaborate on these later but @stochastic_forest has a lot to do with the project.
If anyone else requires the dome for other uses I will make a replica.

Help with the creating a wireless version of Batak, AI and projected visuals would be a great help.