Elf of the Year: Your Makerspace Needs You

I could arrange a fantastic fundraising Giftwrap stall for us for the run-up to Christmas, should a few brave souls volunteer to supervise on those few days including Christmas Eve​:shopping::gift:

Please register interest ASAP so I can get back to the guy who manages White Lion Walk in Central Guildford in time, and we’ll have a chance of their loaning us a pop-up location.

They know we’re a not-for-profit, not a charity

I spoke with the Volunteer Bureau and they said if we’re already an organisation then there’s no trouble with paperwork; we just have to write up a Terms of Volunteering for potential volunteers from around the area to sign (promise of free snacks!).
First we register with the volunteering website before we put a post up (happy to write it) asking interested people if they’re up for a couple hours wrapping, where, and what will be provided.

Of course the venue has to be available, and Tunsgate is known to be amenable to non-profits if White Lion Walk isn’t an option.

Who would want to supervise and who wants to volunteer?
PLEASE GIVE A SHOW OF HANDS :raised_hand::raised_hand::raised_hand:
Expresses yoursELVES!
Sorry :neutral_face:

I’m up for the afternoon of Christmas Eve, myself

All still theoretical, but let’s see if we can make this happen​:santa::mrs_claus:

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Sounds good. Need to check what times I’ve got off with work.

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@Heather this sounds like a great idea, thank you for putting so much effort into researching its feasibility. It will depend on exact dates, but I’m happy to contribute some time.

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Excellent idea! :slight_smile:
What dates where you thinking of @Heather? I usually make my pilgrammage ‘oop North’ for Christmas but can certainly help out if I’m…about.

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Great - for a substantial intake from maximum foot flow, I was thinking the weekend before Christmas as well as Christmas Eve; 22nd, 23rd & 24th December, hopefully with a morning shift and an afternoon shift. Thanks for your interest.

You’re very welcome! For a substantial intake from maximum foot flow, I was thinking the weekend before Christmas as well as Christmas Eve; 22nd, 23rd & 24th December. Thanks for your interest.

White Lion walk might be preferable, footfall in Tunsgate Quarter is pretty low. Though it\s possible it might pick up some over Christmas.

THIS WEEKEND by the 21st October PLEASE let me know what days of the three including Christmas Eve any of you could definitely do - don’t want this opportunity to go stale if there’s still a chance we can get a venue, but I need to book it ASAP :gift::christmas_tree::grimacing:

Hello Heather,

Unfortunately Christmas eve is out of the question for me as that’s when all the present unwrapping action happens in German households.

I could do a day on the Saturday (22/12).


Great stuff Florian - just Sunday and Monday to tie up now and I can approach possible venues. Thank you

Any chance you’d be available the Sunday or Monday (Christmas Eve?). Florian’s kindly offered his Saturday for overseeing the giftwrap stall. Please let me know ASAP so I can book us in

Would you be available the Sunday or Monday (Christmas Eve?)

Trying to get final dates organised ASAP - Any chance you’d be available the Sunday or Monday (Christmas Eve?)

I can do Sunday and Monday.

Thanks Matt!
Okay, I need to write an email to samorledge@whitelionwalk.co.uk to say we’re organised to do the weekend and Christmas Eve.
SHM Volunteers still welcome; I can be there late afternoon Christmas Eve, myself🎄

Thank you for all your effort on this !

Hi @Heather,

Normally I am gone by then but I haven’t made any Christmas plans yet. I will try and figure out what I’m doing soon and will let you know :slight_smile:

Now the Ch-word is coming up, Tunsgate quarter is getting lively🎄
Rachel, head of the Insight Art group, is looking for a venue to have a Christmas craft stand. She’s interested in my idea of having our wrapping table next to her stand so we can help each other out, and I’ve suggested the last weekend plus Christmas Eve as originally planned, hoping you guys are still available. She’ll be getting in touch with them soon and she is a NINJA at organising events👍

£3 per present for the space :gift:

Contemplate Christmas magic, people!

Hello Heather,

I can still do the Saturday.


Unfortunately I will be out of the county during this period.