Electronic music event this evening

Saw this mentioned on Facebook - some bloopy Bach, being LiveStreamed 5:30 this evening :slight_smile:


Gabriel Prokofiev
](https://www.facebook.com/gabrielprokofievcomposer/?cft[0]=AZUz5xl-RQWhNkbClQrS87VWSWFCrJ0xFs2yhOiZJsvNUbMRNtgimwgnmhVQsOP5cTq_EBBEjvBm_gmcPOI0NgaXVisJzX3BCh81LFFGEkAphJtmMN8GpXjGRib-PcBZ5rNA_BmUwzqucXK8oDDOv3XLXHk7oVlxWoo036gy33bu-A&tn=kC%2CP-y-R) is in
London, United Kingdom

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Join me this Friday 12th Feb, 5:30pm GMT for a 30 minute #StreamingConcert - part of the “All about Bach! Festival” -
Only Stage
Digital Season 2021.

*** Exploring Bach’s incredible ‘Musical Offering’ on analogue synths & samplers ***

Bookmark on youtube: https://youtu.be/uLegiMTncRU

PLUS I’ll be joined by Hiyoli Togawa for Bach’s Sarabande in D minor on viola (+ live electronics) & an electronic re-composition of a Couperin Chaconne from
Shobana Jeyasingh Dance
’Strange Blooms’.

#MusicNerds - zoom in on the score in this photo to see Bach’s genius ‘backwards/forwards/upside-down’ score that will be featured in the gig.

Sounds like shades of Switched On Bach from the 60s!