Electrical Tape Jewellery Hack

Sometimes the simplest/quickest hacks do the job best.

Mum’s thrift shop necklace wasn’t finished in a way that the crimping tubes and tail end of the clear string at the clasp wouldn’t catch her hair & clothes. She left it with me, and for 99p I got some basic electrical tape that meant I could tidy it up nicely, while still keeping it a little bit flexible!


I’m a fan of sticky tape in general. It amazes how long some things will last with the right application of tape onto a non greasy non dusty surface. Had to repair our wing-mirror after someone kicked it off. After the araldite came the tape to help seal the unit to the car body. It did sterling work for at least 18 months!

Nice, another good option for this (although a bit more permanent, so hard to rework) is nail polish.