Dome Projection Project

I have been looking into turning our geodesic dome in to a 360 projector screen, suggested by @stochastic_forest.

There are two currently know (simple) methods of semi-spherical projection.

  1. Use curved mirror and 1 projector.
  2. Use overlapping multiple projectors.

Challenges and Decisions

  1. Covering the dome suitable for projection.
  2. Projectors and mirrors.
  3. Software control. is an interesting software to look at. I think testing of ideas and options might be needed.

One different method of covering the dome, though not as environmentally friendly as fabric.

  1. is really interesting for me. I would love to see how/if that would work.

FWIW, there are a lot of videos on youtube for making parabolic “mirrors” for survival situations out of a space blanket/mylar. While likely not going to be effective in the end, it may be a really cheap way for you construct a hemispherical mirror to test with before splashing on anything pricey.

I really love the idea of having a slightly translucent material for the dome cover, so that the images could be rear-projected and viewed from the outside! :slight_smile:

Some possibly useful stuff here:

Summary, use a tarp, fold it, add eyelets, lash down with guy ropes.

PS briefly looking at sewing instructions I think you’d go mad making it all as tiny little connected pieces - and you’d need to tape the seams to prevent leaking. Another reason why the single tarp solution may be better!

Some links for what I’m on about:

You’ll probably want the covering material to be white and reasonably translucent so the projection can be viewed from outside by a large number of people and at a distance as well as inside, something like this might do.

Lots of useful info on projection here.