Does anyone have access to an estate or SUV-style car?

I’m trying to work out how we’re getting the laser out of my shed into the new space. It’s quite a beast, so it needs a vehicle we can get it into without lifting it over something into the boot. It is just over a metre long, about 70cm wide and 60cm tall.

I have access to a VW Touran & VW T3/25, either of which should be OK for size though I’d need to check later when I can get access to them.
When are you intending to move it?

Having not yet been to the Boileroom, how is access through the doors & up the stairs (how much does it weigh)?

Either the Touran or the VW should be okay. Not sure on the exact move time, largely depends on the availability of the vehicle of choice :slight_smile:

Access is going to be a right royal pain in the arse :smiley: I had to turn the thing on it’s back to get it through my back door, and in the BR we have some tight stairs to deal with. This thing is HEAVY. Two person lift for sure, with a third as a “spotter” for doors and other obstructions. I will have a transportation frame made for it this time though, so instead of slipper and hurty sheet metal edges, we’ll have some big-ass handles to help out.

I have just checked and the Touran hatch opening is 87cm high & 94cm wide, so it should fit with the rear seats either folded or removed.
I’m usually available most Friday afternoons/evenings, Saturday or Sunday or could possibly make a weekday evening and can use the car anytime with a bit of notice (it’s my wife’s car, so I just need to make sure my car is available for her to use when I have her’s).

I assume that a suitable bench/table will need to be fitted at the makerspace before this is moved in, otherwise it will get in the way.

I’ll dm you with my contact detail, so that we can make arrangements to a mutually convenient time.

Perfect, thanks. The bench is made now, I just finished it last night. It has wheels, so will act as a dolly to help move this beast on the flat bits too.