DIY Mechanical Keyboard

So, a new project idea looms in the spaces of my brain. This time, I want to make my own mechanical, somewhat portable keyboard.

I have found some projects that have inspired me:

Lots of handy functionality built in.

Slightly OTT functionality, but I like it!

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More inspiration for RGB led goodness.

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Desired features (TBC):

  • Mechanical tactile switches. I’ll be getting a ‘tester’ to try different switches.
  • Either TenKeyLess design, or 75% (keyboard without numpad, but including function keys).
  • RGB, per-key lighting.
  • Macros and ‘layers’ for useful shortcuts.
  • USB C-type connector, because who enjoys faffing with USB cables?
  • Bluetooth LE for wireless operation.
  • In built battery.
  • Metal case, or just very sturdy.
  • Built in lid that turns into a wrist rest.
  • USB hub ports
  • Built in hidden storage, which can be made to appear on the host using a special key press.
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I’ve been looking at building an open source joystick, so I love the board with the sticks at each side. The RGB LEDs are what really makes it though.
Count me in. Let me know if I can collaborate.

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Nice! Would love to have you on board :smiley: plus it makes PCBs cheaper…

I have a switch tester on its way. Do you have any switch preferences so far?

I have some things to update the post with, namely some ideas and some websites.

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Crap I just saw this one - it’s amazing

I’m sure you noticed that was…

laser cut


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