Design for 3D Printing - guidance?

Does anyone know of any good resources for people designing stuff that is to be 3D printed, ideally specifically for our level of FDM printers?

A few people I’ve talked about the space with, and what we do, have been quite interested in getting some little bits printed, and are keenly making all sorts of terrible great designs in SketchUp or whatever, and the smarter of them have asked what the limitations and recommendations are.

Rather than keep telling them the bits I can remember on the day, are there any good guides or posts about it out there?

Otherwise maybe we should write one :slight_smile:

As it happens I went looking for guides yesterday as I’m certainly no expert at 3D printing. I’ve found the Make: Design for 3D Printing and Make: 3D Printing: The Essential Guide to 3D Printers among others for $1 so bought them.
Look quite useful and seams to be quite in depth.

They come in DRM free MOBI ,EPUB and PDF forms.

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Good spot. Bought :slight_smile: