Dactyl-manuform ergonomic keyboard - 3d printing needed


I’m new around here and not a member. I am interested in making a couple keyboards and need to print the cases (thingiverse link). I’m not sure if I want to pay for a month of membership and use the equipment or commission someone to print the case for me and purchase the soldering iron and other components and construct it at home. The printing times are pretty long and I don’t want to hog a machine. Are there also additional costs for printing large pieces or using time on the 3d printers?


Good to meet you. Sounds like an interesting project!

Could @stochastic_forest, @AndrewPatience or @Jagmills assist?

Hello and welcome @jonny1083, interesting project.

There aren’t any additional charges for large prints, the challenge might be that the printers shouldn’t be left unattended and it looks like the larger of the parts for the keyboard could well be in the 10-15 hour range.