Cyclonic action for all!

Hi all,

Just spotted a nifty link on Banggood. I have one of these at home - mine has metal inlet/outlet pipes but the principle is the same.

You slap it on top of some kind of vessel - I use a barrel style thing designed for fish bait, with a fully detachable lid. You mount the cyclonic seperator to the lid with cutout hole for it.

Then, you connect your vacuum cleaner to the top port, and a hose to the side port - and magically, almost all of the dust/stuff you sweep up ends in the barrel and not your vacuum cleaner. This is fab, as I often work with MDF which produces a horrible amount of very fine dust that clogs up the filter on my shop vac very quickly - now, almost nothing ends up in it.

Definitely recommended at the cheap price of £11! :slight_smile: