Community-spirited DIY/electrician/plumbing skills needed at short notice!

We’re over at the Firey Bird community venue in Woking (previously Quake), trying to help out as it needs a lot of work doing before it can open!
They urgently need an electrician to volunteer/willing to work at a discounted rate tomorrow - anyone with industrial-scale knowledge available at very short notice? Let me know and I can put you in contact.
It would be greatly appreciated!

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Latest update from the venue:
“Anyone with some plumbing/D-I-Y/electrical skills who would like to help us tackle the venue this Thursday evening, please make yourself known
The more the merrier!!!
Send a text to 07934854352 and we will get back to you
All kinds of volunteers needed
And appreciated”
@AndrewPatience do contact them if interested, or share details with anyone who might be able to help.

It would be great to get the venue on its feet - may even be able to wangle getting us some techie events there :slight_smile:

If I have some spare time this evening, is it alright if I just drop by to help out ?

I’m not sure what they’re currently up to - best plan is to call Joe on 07934854352 and find out (rather than risk the journey to find noone’s there)

thanks :smiley:

Other details for them:
Twitter: @PhoenixCultural

Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Next time we’re heading over I will also post here, in case anyone wants to park at ours then walk over together.

Also when the place is up and running it’s well worth considering chatting to them events there (collaborate with Makerspaces, libraries, etc…)

@stochastic_forest It’s on this evening. Info for anyone available:
Address Quake Nightclub
Church St East, Woking, Surrey, GU21 6HJ

Hi thanks for getting in touch
We will be there 7:30-9:30 doing some cleaning and any help will be gratefully appreciated
Please get them to drop call me at the silver doors in between hg Wells and the bingo and I’ll open up
Thanks so much