Clearing our stuff from Games Galaxy

Hi All,

I have been speaking with my brother about the timescale for clearing all our “equipment” from Games Galaxy, they want to starting making use of the shelves we have used for the last 3 years.

I have agreed upon it being clear by beginning of the 2nd week of November.

I am proposing for the next 3 Fridays (21nd, 28th, 4th) I will go to the warehouse before makerspace, load the car up and ferry a car load over to the boilerroom. Then come the weekend of 5th/6th of November we will need to do a final mop up and get any remaining kit moved.

How does this plan sound? (Although the final date is non negotiable).

I know a few guys come from the Farnborough direction, any volunteers to meet me on Fridays at the warehouse?

I guess there is going to be a lot of stuff that needs to be either distributed to members or binned, due to our tight space constraints and a lot of items being either very old and outdated or broken with us waiting for the day someone might need it for a projects. I’ll be honest it’s not really my priority, my main focus is to get the warehouse cleared, I’m sure everyone really appreciates the time we’ve had there and that it is time to hand it back.



Sounds like a plan, lots of thanks to you and your brother for giving us a home for so long !

I’ve been meaning to ask you about this, thanks Robin :slight_smile:

I vote we move everything across. It will give us more of an incentive to sort the attic space out, something we need to sort out with the Boileroom as well.

Do you have a rough idea of what there is left? My impression was the books, soldering gear, snacks and scope stuff, but suspect I’m missing quite a lot by the sounds of it.

Thanks again to you and your brother for hosting us for so long :slight_smile:

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I don’t mind taking the scenic route via Farnborough tomorrow. What time will you be at GG tomorrow and I can provide a second car to be filled with stuff.


Sorry can’t make SHM tonight got me an eye infection right now. Ken left a
lamp on the side at GG those many weeks ago when we were making the first
mystorms if that can be located and brought over also it would be handy as
need to get it back to him.

I will be there at 18:00.

Sure Ken’s lamp will make it across :slight_smile:

OK. I’ll aim to be there shortly after 6pm then.

Good luck, I won’t be around this evening, I’ve left a few bankers boxes under the bench if some stuff needs to be boxed up before going to the attic.

hi chaps,

Looks like I will be the only keyholder available tonight. Those with membership badges should be able to enter the space, although the reliability of my entry system server in the space is not entirely great yet.

I will aim to be at the space around 18:30 but will likely be there before.

Quick update on this one.

Thanks to the help of @AndrewPatience and @florian we maanaged to get everything out of GG, apart from a few books which are fine where they are for now and can be moved at a later date.

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Well done guys