Apologies if this is isn’t how I should approach you, I’ve only just stumbled across hackspaces and having done a search for one near me (West Byfleet) I’ve come across you guys.

I am a pottery hobbiest with all the equipment that goes with it – several kilns, potter’s wheel, glazing chems, hand tools etc. I can’t tell from your website how much space you have and I was wondering if ceramics is something you would be interested in expanding your hacktivities into? I really like the idea of sharing my equipment (and not having to pay a small fortune for my own workshop!). I would be open to sharing my knowledge as well to those interested through lessons.

Let me know if this is something you would consider - my website showing my various wares and experiments is www.sheppertonceramics.com


Hi Paul. I’d love to have a go at least. We are really limited in space, although when the weather improves we can use the outside areas - what sort of thing did you have in mind?

Its all space dependent really.

The workshop that I’m renting at the moment is leaking, so I cant use any electrics until its sorted and even then… the rent is quite a lot for one person.

If you had the space for it, I was thinking I could contribute an electric kiln, that can be fired indoors (with adequate ventilation and space around it). I could also bring my potters wheels and all the tools that go with it. People would also need a large table area to work on their pieces, trim, decorate, glaze etc.

Ive also got loads of firebricks, enough to build another kiln or a forge and an old electric kiln that could be converted to gas… and a small kiln for enameling.

Hi Paul,

Good to hear from you and glad you found us! We’re still trying to get content on our main site updated so people can peruse there - more pictures are definitely on the todo list :slight_smile:

@Cylindric is very right in that we are quite limited in space at the moment; however, I would add that on a quiet night our current space is quite adaptable to most requirements, and with some creative storage ideas it may be possible to fit everything in. the ethos of sharing equipment is strong here, and it sounds like you’d fit in well already :slight_smile:

We are traditionally quite electronics and programming orientated, but we have a wide range of skills and backgrounds at the space which seems to be ever growing. Who knows, maybe this is the start of the next ceramic 3d printer design?

I liked the article on your site about locally sourced clay! I think there is something very rewarding in a project that involves going from completely raw materials to a finished product such as yours - although as most members will tell you, being a geologist I often find it tricky to wedge my skills into any conversation and I do enjoy finding opportunities :smiley:

What I’d recommend is that you try and pop down on one of our open days to take a look around. At the moment these are every Tuesday and Friday, to see what you think. If I remember correctly at least one of our members works in West Byfleet and comes down by train. Fridays can get a little crowded, but there’d be plenty of different members to chat to. Our space will soon have 24 hours access with a membership, so I imagine if you’d want some peace and quiet to work in a leak free environment (with electricity too) you’d certainly find some time here.