CarontePass - Open Access Control


My name is Hector Figueras and I’m from Tenerife. I created the CarontePass project for our makerspace (Kreitek).

I have seen that you have done a fork of the project

I like Commits they have done because they are things I had planned to do. Do not hesitate to ask pull request when they pass the changes to the master branch.

This post was to introduce myself and get in touch with you. Thank you!

PS: sorry for my English if not entirely correct


Hey Hector! Apologies for not getting back to you, we have all been rather busy with renovating our first space as you’ve likely seen from some of the other threads on the forum.

One of our members @gingebot is much more familiar than myself with Django and Python and we did indeed fork the project to mess about with and understand how it all works. As I mentioned on GitHub we have the need for multiple ‘nodes’ as we’ll have a few doors to get through.

We got the entry system working and installed just this weekend! There is another forum thread that is currently ‘members only’ (there is some mention of how to get into our space which we didn’t want to make public). I need to update it with more details, and will figure out how I can grant you access to it as well.

When things have settled down we do intend to properly look at your software and any commits that could be pushed to master, when we know a bit more about what we’re doing :smiley:

It seems to me perfect.

I am now testing the part of home automation, with Mysensors and Domoticz. For leaving the last user turn off all lights and alert you if there is an open window.

I also added integration with iBoardbot, for entering each user receives a personalized welcome message. (Vídeo)

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Haha, I love the iBoardBot integration.

OMG iBoardBot is amazing, we have to get one!

Hi @Torehc Hopefully we can share some code and make carontepass even more awesome than it is aleady between us :slight_smile:

When I get some time, going to flesh out more features and push to main, will keep you updated.


It does look like a lot of fun, wonders how they stop the pen from drying out with the iBoardBot ?

Has two servos, one controls the pen is lifted and another to activate a mini draft.
The most curious is that it uses Nema motors and serves the same electronics to mount the other robots that are in JJRobots.