Call for existing exhibits for the Always the Sun Festival

If anyone has an exhibit from a previous show that they would like us to take to the Always the Sun Festival can you give us a shout here and perhaps bring it along on Friday, it should get 2 full days of exposure on Sat and Sunday to an adoring public :slight_smile:

Have no exhibits but a collection of tables and chairs to put them on. Let me know if/ when you need any help on friday.

Could bring a laptop and arduino rigged up to some breadboard led thing as a beginners/ basic demonstration.

Thanks Andrew, the tables and some chairs will be really useful !

And flashing LEDs always go down well with the crowds :slight_smile:
Dome setup will be sometime on Friday, maybe around noon.

Let me know by mail what sort of times you can make it.

BTW given I will still be ‘Up North’ duringthis event a stranger called
Mark Hill may drop off an SDcard reader for me to one of your guys, be nice
to him as he will likely join our merry band…

A warm welcome will be extended to all strangers bearing gifts :slight_smile:

Though I understand now he is a member, we can exchange the secret handshake !

Right, my 3D printer has chosen today to malfunction, with a perfect sense of prima donna like timing in light of it’s starring role at the festival tomorrow and sunday, it has decided to start blowing mains fuses.

I don’t have a lot of time to diagnose it at the minute and few parts to replace whatever ails it.

Is there any chance some kind soul might be able to offer a replacement for the weekend, as the 3D printer tends to be the biggest crowd pleaser at events, and I"m sure the public would find that preferable to listening to me tell them how wonderful 3D printing is when it works :wink:

Thanks for everyone for their help in debugging the printer on Friday night, cold bed extrusion was eventually achieved today !