Bug report: issues with this forum on Safari browser, Mac

Tried to access this page today and was forced to give up and use a different browser.
I usually use Safari in incognito mode - on attempting to either go to main forum page, or follow any discussion link from an email, I see an almost blank white page with just the links top left for Main Site, About Us, Webcam, Shop.
Very annoying :frowning:

I had a similar problem a few weeks back, it disappeared when I cleared out my history and caches.

This is entirely my fault I suspect (having added the menu at the top of the forum), and Matt and I tried to figure out what was going on. I can remove the top menu and see if that fixes things later, although as we found after Matt cleared his cache it all seemed to work. Mystery :slight_smile:

Fixed using a forced reload Cmd/Shift/R (thanks Julian for the suggestion :slight_smile: )