Blog Authors and Event Managers Raise Your Hands!

Okay folks, I’ve started pushing more stuff to the new blog now, so we’re in need of ongoing content!

If you want to post any thing, let me know here and I’ll hook you up with an account.

Blog Posts

When you submit a new post, it is even possible to automatically create and link a topic here on the forum, so any comments are connected. We want anything relevant we can put there really, so photos from things we’ve done, project updates, reposts of interesting makey things found on the internet.


If you are going to an event in an “official” capacity, please put an entry for it in the Events module of the blog. It is then also worth perhaps writing a Post about it too, and linking it to the forum, as it raises the visibility on the site.

Okay, set me up with an account, thanks.

Okay, done. You should get an email with your login details automatically I think.

One thing to note is all of the Blogger posts you authored will appear as you again :slight_smile: