Basic Electrical Course, West Byfleet

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Have you ever wanted to change the light switches and sockets in your house to give it a more modern feel? Or how about adding some lighting to your shed or garage? A friend of mine told me the other day she paid an electrician £100 to add a light in her garage.

These are simple jobs that with a little skill and confidence you can do yourself. You only need to know some basic rules and know how to check your work so you can safely complete the task. There are so many jobs around the house from fixing electrical equipment, replacing fuses and checking if something is blown. Seeing if there is actually voltage at a light because maybe the bulb is ok but the cable has worked loose at the back of the switch or socket.

How about adding a celling light to your bathroom replacing that old 100W bulb with a new energy saving LED fixture? There are only a few wires to disconnect from the old ceiling rose and connect to the new fixture and modern building regulations specify that the old bayonet fittings are no longer allowed so when you switch why not save on your electricity bills and go LED everywhere. The reduction in electricity consumption will pay for the lighting upgrade in less than a year.

Our Basic Electrical Course here at the Great British Woodshop will give you all the skills you need in a practical setting where you get to do the wiring and testing and ask all the questions you’ve ever had.

Learn about:

How to use multi meters

Measuring voltage, current and continuity

Wiring and colour codes

Wiring a lamp and switch and a socket


Heatshrink and how to use it

Mains and lighting circuits in your house

Consumer Units"

Hello, it’s been some years since I’ ve been to college where I first learnt about this. I do have a proper installation test meter. Just revising as I need to do some work in Petersfield at my mum’s house.
Yours Robert.