Banggood LEDs are... good?

I took a chance and bought some 10W LEDs from Banggood for the princely price of 47p each.
[Quite a few of us from the Hackspace are addicted to shopping at Banggood…!]

A couple of pics of the ‘White’ one:

First impressions - a nice consistent light and the individual dies on the LED appear to be fairly matched when run at 1mA (as the picture shows).

Some numbers, each at 25-40 deg.C temp (LED very quickly gets hot at high currents, reducing the voltage)

  • 1mA - 7.57v

  • 5mA - 7.82v

  • 10mA - 7.96v

  • 50mA - 8.46v

  • 100mA - 8.88v

  • 300mA - 10.03v

  • 700mA - 11.71v

  • 1000mA - 12.93v

I want 200 of those. On my Christmas tree.

Make it happen.

White LEDs are on sale again at Banggood

Including these dangerous tasty looking 50W 4,000 Lumen White LEDs

I think these on on an xmas tree may represent a fire risk…

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What if we added liquid cooling to the LEDs (and the tree)?

I’ve ordered a few 50W ones, let’s see how those look!

[quote=“Folknology, post:4, topic:51, full:true”]fire risk[/quote] or as Dwarf Fortressers like to call it… “fun”…

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100w of retina-burning power!

I think we’ll need @Macaba to finish his 1200W bench supply first, but then we can harness the power of… well, a few 100W LEDs… interesting that they don’t quote a brightness for the 100W ones…

Maybe we should get 12 and test the limits of the supply?

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I do need a stable load, LEDs would be perfect… if you had a big enough heatsink

I’ll see what I can do to deal with the heat output, how much heat would you expect 1200W of LEDs to output? 120W?

I’d expect 1200W of LEDs to output anywhere from 800-1000W of heat.

@Takumo Liquid cooled LEDs you say, I have a spare zalman reservator … :smile:

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