Bandsaw - Back in service


just a quick note to let folks know, the Bandsaw blade went on Friday evening. Matt had a quick look about but thinks it was the last of the blades at the space, so we couldn’t change it then.

I’m busy on tomorrow, but I’ll try to bring in a new blade on Friday and get it fitted (even if it’s a fleeting visit).

Apparently the blades have been breaking quite often, which could suggest user error, poor quality blades, or an issue with the machine itself. I’m certainly no expert on them so if we do have someone who knows about fine tuning their inner workings then it might be worth them taking a look.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thanks Julien, I replaced it just recently and used it somewhat heavily myself.

When I am next in (Friday) I will take a look :slight_smile: please leave the broken blade somewhere as it might give us some insight!
Also it will be useful to have in case we need to measure the size.

Yup I left the blade hanging on the saw itself - it’s worth keeping as you can make all sorts of stuff out of them!

Size wise the bandsaw itself has a handy label on the front that gives its spec (the key one being 1425mm length of blade).

I’ve fitted a new blade and adjusted the bandsaw a bit (with a little help from @stochastic_forest and @AndrewPatience).

There were some definite alignment issues. Hopefully now that’s done it should be less likely to break blades in future - that said it’s the first time I’ve ever adjusted a bandsaw so only time will tell!

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