Attic Move Inventory

Stuff that was moved into the attic on 21/10/2016 (rough inventory):

:purple_heart: Box of motors
:purple_heart: Box of lights ( orange strobe and others)

:purple_heart: Box with robot
:purple_heart: Box with cables
:purple_heart: box with empty project cases pi sized

:purple_heart: optics cctv cam
:purple_heart: Wifi adapter
:purple_heart: Webcam

:purple_heart: Box of CD drives
:purple_heart: Large Orange shelves x2
:purple_heart: Three shelf brackets
:purple_heart: Pallet wood
:purple_heart: personal boxes, filament, miscellaneous
:purple_heart: Refrigerator compressor

:purple_heart: Samsung television 19 inch

:purple_heart: Linear ballscrew and box of stuff from THFKANB

:purple_heart: Box of marble run tapes and balls
:purple_heart: Box of marble run kits
:purple_heart: Canon printer multifunction
:purple_heart: SMT Toaster Oven, to be hacked
:purple_heart: Books
:purple_heart: more books
:purple_heart: Box of Clamps and vices
:purple_heart: M-Audio speakers
:purple_heart: Box of Lever arch files
:purple_heart: β€œAl’s” box
:purple_heart: Projector
:purple_heart: Box of soldering irons
:purple_heart: Magnifying lamp and massive LED
:purple_heart: worlds greatest knifes x2
:purple_heart: Disposable gloves and four notebooks
:purple_heart: Extension cables and killer Iron
:purple_heart: PSU unit for reprap
:purple_heart: Box with two screws in it
:purple_heart: Linksys Router
:purple_heart: Netgear Router