Are there any SHM members who:

  • Live/work within easy access of Caterham
  • Have a good understanding of 3d printing and 3d printers
  • Are interested and able to volunteer to help a special school that teaches tennagers on the autsitic spectrum

Yesterday I visited Sunnydown School in Caterham to discuss a number of possible 3d printing projects. This was as a result of the recent TeenTech Surrey event.

The Headteacher and D&T teacher are both enthusiastic about 3d printing - as were the youngsters.

Had the school been closer to the Thames Valley, I would be volunteering to help them myself. But it is 1.25 - 1.5 hours on the M4/M25 when the traffic is good…

So I promised them that I would contact yourselves and South London Hackspace to see if you knew of people who might be able to help.