Arduino help PWM processing

Hi everyone !
ive come across a problem with one of my robots that im hoping someone can help with?
id like to essentially build a high power PWM servo, the plan is to use a large brushless motor and rotary encoder to feed the position back to an arduino to get the motor assembely to operate like a large servo, id then be able to define the travel limits in the arduino sketch, and control the motors speed from the arduino pwm signal, the input pwm signal to the arduino would be from the rc receiver.
has anyone tried this or can help me get a sketch together? My arduino knoledge is fairly limited ive used them for basic tempreture logging projects but this is beyond me at the moment!,

Iā€™m sure some people from the MakerSpace can help you with this. I might be able to if I can understand what you are are trying to do!

Cheers matthew can discuss when i pop down, i did find a cracking vid on it last night! Build a Custom Servo Motor with a DC Motor - YouTube

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That video seems to cover everything really well! Out of curiosity what do have in mind for your high power servo?

Hi Julian, im thinking they would be usefull in the actuation of some levers/ arms on an upcoming robot build i have a few designs on the go, one requires fast actuation of a powerfull clutch the other is a flipper or overhead saw.