Arduino help please

I’m looking for someone who can help me to understand how to program an Arduino, hoping in the end to control a stepper motor with it. I’ve had a bit of help in the past but he was so full of tech-jargon he was no use to me after a short while. I don’t have a lot of experience in elec and prog, but I sure as anything can understand something when it’s put across carefully and well, feeling for by blind spots.

I’m in Farnham, and would like to meet up for 1 to 1 sessions to look at what I’m trying to do and show me how to get there while imparting a general understanding at the same time. Happy to pay a reasonable fee, so long as the technical competence is there and the essential art of teaching is effective.

I have the board and the motor, and the progs I wrote last time round.

email me, please, on if you would like to help me or you know someone who might.



Hi @David,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for dropping in your message :slight_smile: You’re certainly asking in the right place, however I would always recommend popping into the space one opening evening in Guildford, if you can make it.

I myself was completely new to Arduino with a basic understanding of electronics, and I’ve found the few informal chats with some of our members have really helped me along with some of my projects. Just a recommendation of personal experience, plus free!

It’s fantastic you have a end goal in mind; I’ve found that often really helps with learning the specifics.

Hi There,
I’m an arduino user myself and have used them extensively both at home and at work as they are so easy to get stuff working on them compared to a full-on “development system”.
I’m an electronics development engineer and I live in Godalming.
Unfortunately I don’t drive (I have vision problems - it’s enough to stop me from driving but I can still do my job etc), so I haven’t been able to get to the Maker meetings in Guildford.

If you are able to get over to this neck of the woods I’d be delighted to offer any sort of assistance from hardware design to arduino software , and I do this 'cos it’s my hobby, so I’m not after payment. Maybe in a local pub or I have a little office at home with my PCs where I’m building my 3D printer.


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Don’t know if South Western Railway services will be of help. Godalming is maybe an intermediate station where not all services stop though. Thought this would be better than the bus in the evenings when the bus could be an hourly service after 8pm.

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