Anybody planning to be at the space on Thursday?

It’ll be my first time using my new card so would be good to have backup in case I can’t get in the door! +:sweat_smile:

I dont know when you plan to go, but I’ll be around later in the afternoon. @Jagmills/@gingebot 's door system has been pretty reliable, but post here if you do encounter a problem. :slight_smile:

@sarahlouise is granted access but we’ve not tested it as of yet! So the risk is if she turns up and somehow I’ve managed to put the wrong code into the system. Erk.

Sorry Sarah I won’t be around tomorrow, however I can hang around my phone and make sure I’m near a computer - if your card doesn’t let you in, I can access our system and fix it until it does :slight_smile:

I’m at the space if anyone is thinking of dropping by. :slight_smile:

I’m at a rather cold space now :wink:

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Turn the laser on without cooling? Ssh, don’t tell @Cylindric :smiley:

Hope it warms up! I have walking the dog to look forward to… :dog::snowflake:

I"ve got the heated bed on the 3D printer cranked up to max too :wink:

Don’t forget your hat, scarf and gloves, you haven’t got an all over furry coat you know!