Any details on Boilerroom

Great news on permanent space.

Was wondering a few things.
what days will be Hackspace be available?
How is the space setup?
There is mention storage. How does that work?

Where and how do I sign up before the 1st September?

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We’re still working out the details, I’m hoping to put out some real information this week.

For now, the plan is to keep the night the same as now, just until we sort things out, but the main goal will be to get the entry-system in place (@Jagmills is already making progress with this!) so that we can easily have multiple nights with significant presence.

The space is currently empty, but there is a partition wall splitting the space in half - that will be taken out before we move in, and then we need to work out how we can maximise the (admittedly limited) space. We have negotiated to have storage access to the huge loft, the hatch to which is right by our door. It won’t be something we want everyone crawling about in, but it does mean our work space won’t need to cater for storage as well.

Regarding member storage, we’re not entirely decided yet. I was thinking along the lines of some sort of plastic storage crate similar to the larger Really Useful Boxes, but we’ll have to look at that.

I’m heading over there today at lunch time to get some detailed measurements and to refresh the memory on the layout (windows, power, that sort thing) and then we can start making some concrete plans.

I will start a thread (or maybe even a whole category) about the space setup.

As for signing up, until we have the magical online signup process available, just send me a message here on the forum or drop us an email ( with how much you want to pledge, and I’ll ping you the bank details.

Welcome aboard Albert, nice to have join the crew !

Sadly we have to announce that our plans to move in to the Boileroom on the 1st Sept. have been delayed.
We hope that the 13th will be the new date that we can start preparing the space for full operation.