AGM November 2023 15th November


The poll results are in!

This means that the SHM AGM will be held on the
15th of November at 7:30pm in the Boardroom
in the main building of TS Swiftsure, just across from the Boathouse.

If there are any items you would like to be included on the agenda please feel free to comment below, or contact one of the Directors.

Hi @stochastic_forest I presume you mean Weds 15th (since 17th is a Friday and we can’t meet that day due to Sea Cadets)?
Thanks :slight_smile:

(Also worth ensuring the same date correction goes out via email, if using that route).

Good spot ! I’ll update the image later.

Just a quick reminder for our members. The AGM is tonight (Wednesday 15th November) starting at 7:30pm.

We’ll be in the main Sea Cadets’ building - the entrance is on the side of the building closest to the railway line.

The agenda at the moment looks like this:

  • Minutes from last meeting (EGM April 2023)
  • A Year in the life of the Makerspace
  • Makerspace Accounts for the year
  • Update on Out of Hours and Toilet Access
  • Election of any new Director(s)
  • The Sea Cadets’ Christmas Fair
  • Q&A / Open discussion

We hope you can make it, and we’ll post an update as soon as reasonably possible after the meeting.

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It was good to see everyone!


Hi folks,

Firstly on a personal note I would like to announce that I will be stepping down as a Director. I will continue to be an active member of the Makerspace though.

The exact date is unconfirmed but will be whenever works best for the Makerspace.

Here are the minutes from the AGM (thanks to Andrew for making them):

AGM 20223 Minutes

Members attending: Andrew, Luke, Mathew, Ramy, Claire, Chris, Russell, Florian
Directors: Mathew, Julian, Andrew (taking minutes).

Discussion of progress over the last year

  • Moving the Makerspace
  • Building the new Makerspace


Finances over the last year were much improved mainly due to:

  • Reduced rent
  • Increased membership due to new facilities

Full accounts including expenses were not available, but will be posted online for members approval.

Change of Directors

Julian Warren intends to step down as a director. Luke Hewison has offered to stand as a new Director, Julian Warren seconded this.

There were no objections from those at the AGM.

A forum poll will be created to allow members to vote on this new appointment.

Additional Discussions:

Luke suggested moving to a Mettle bank account - AP is investigating
Discussion of cost £200 per year for MeetUp, do we want to continue? - probably.
Facebook, online and leaflet marketing were discussed
Insurance when and what is covered? - AP is setting this up

Tidy up and safety check of equipment:

  • Risk assessment for equipment
  • Equipment training.
  • Sharp tools cupboard as required by our rental agreement.
  • First aid box check.

Suggestion to organise a date for weekend to have everyone turn up to help sort tools.
Posting link to apply for Makerspace out of hours access on forum - AP to do this
Attracting more members:

  • Encouragement to increase Forum activity, more project posts.
  • EMF Camp is happening in June 2024 we should have a presence
  • Encourage greater member diversity with workshops and facilities
  • Advertise to local University students.
  • Workshop ideas including SMD, jewellery casting, crochet.
  • New signs for gate and building.
  • Newspaper adverts / articles
  • Blog posting Rota
  • Possibility of organising / hosting a Quarterly Makers/Crafters Market?
  • Soldiering iron collection - test for workshops - JW to investigate

Laser cutter upgrades:

  • Diode laser & power upgrades.
  • Change laser cutter to Gerber based controller.
  • Lid interlock

Thanks to the members who attended our AGM.