Advice on wood cutting please

I am looking for advice on cutting 3mm slices of wood from a 50-75mm diameter branch/log.

Repeatability would be nice. and some nice straight edges. What bench top machien would people reccomend?

Would like to use a machine as I need about 100 discs.

Probably a bandsaw, with a little jig to hold the cylindrical logs.
A chop-saw, mitre saw or compound mitre saw would do it nicely too, but is a bit fiercer so you’d lose half the wood - the blade kerf is probably going to be at least 3mm.

I could probably help out, if it’s a one-off.

Cheers Mark,

It is a one off. I reckon I could get away with less discs (after a quick recount) I am looking at about 80.

My concern with the bandsaw was getting a “straight” edge across the 75mm as I would have thought the saw would flex. I guess the jig is probably the bit that would help prevent that.

Regarding the chop saw I measured the thickness of our work one and would likely be getting 50% waste on each log as the blade is 3mm too.

Would appreciate any help.



There shouldn’t be any wandering on the bandsaw blade unless it is either blunt or not installed correctly. My bandsaw will only go up to about 80mm, but with the rip blade, it goes through most stuff pretty nicely, and requiring minimal finishing afterwards.

You coming for a visit this evening? Can have a chat about it then if you are.

Alas can’t make it in this eve. I am about Tuesday though.

Aah, I can only make Fridays generally, due to other commitments. If you leave a sample of what you need cutting there though, I can pick it up and give it a go for a demo.

I sadly won’t be around for a couple of weeks. :airplane_departure:

There is an alternative in the form of a mitre saw, which gives you accurate 90 degree cuts for the sake of material loss compared to a bandsaw. Not sure who’s it is, but I believe there is one of these in the space. Probably Matt’s.