Access card issue

I came to the space today and couldn’t get in. Passed my card over the sensor (a few times), there was no recognition sound and the door remained shut. Not sure what to do. @AndrewPatience @stochastic_forest

Hi Russell, sorry to hear you couldn’t get in to the space.

There’s currently an issue with the access system which I posted about the other day (in a members only post):

The power issue has been fixed now, but the access system isn’t currently working.

It’s not immediately obvious what the problem with the card access system is but we should have it or a temporary solution up and working soon.

In the meantime it may be possible to get a key holder to let you in if you need to use the space sooner.

Please check the forum for updates (details of temporary access methods will probably be in a members only post)

Once again apologies for the inconvenience.

Hi Julian, thank you for responding so quickly.
I followed your link but it didn’t take me to your post.
I tend to use the space during the day when keyholders are unavailable. I do need to test some things out at the space so I’d really appreciate it if you could let me know when the entry system is fixed.

Hi Russell, it’s odd that the link didn’t take you to the post, you definitely seem to be in the group of Members on the forum so you should see it as long as you’re logged in.

After some interesting debugging and experiments with @stochastic_forest’s help we also have an update on the space access:

The door access system is working again!


Great news Julian, thank you and @stochastic_forest for sorting that out and letting me know.

I’ve just tried your link again (whilst logged in) and this is what I see.

The second screen shot is what happens when I search 1867.

Hi Russell,
I’ve corrected the membership settings for your account.
Apologies this was missed previously.

Ah yes, definitely a change, I now see purple members only bands, thanks @AndrewPatience

That’s weird, @JulianWarren and I thought we checked this yesterday and the level was set to member.

FWIW, I also can’t see the member only post. Any chance someone (@AndrewPatience?) can check my account?

It may be closing the stable door after the horse has bolted (or overkill) but I wonder whether it’s worth sticking a little bit of monitoring in to check whether the door system is up and responding. I guess without some ingenuity it could check physical problems with the access relay itself, but it could check that the software components were responsive. (And yes, I guess this is me volunteering to some extent :slight_smile: )

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@bjb sorry about that, I’ve updated your group privileges level which I’m hoping should let you see the member only posts, let me know if it was successful.

Thanks, looks good!

I had a bit of a look at the door system as part of our troubleshooting session, and I think there’s probably a bit of room for improvement.

I’ll kick off a new thread about possible enhancements to keep everything in one (probably accessible by members only) place. Some help with the improvements would certainly be appreciated Ben.