Hi everyone,
My name is Houruck and I just moved to Guildford. I was the “gamer cultural attaché” of Hackerspace Budapest, the first space in Hungary. I am excited to learn about the place and I am looking forward to get involved in the community.

Good to see you here!
What sort of person projects are you currently working on, or intending to work on next? (we have a diverse range of skills and interests here, so very likely there’s someone to chat to).

My last ongoing projects were turning e-waste into wargaming terrain pieces and something I named DAWG: Digitally Augmented WarGame. The goal is to delegate the boring geometry and math problems to the computer while keeping the fun parts of a tangible tabletop experience.

That looks like a fascinating discipline @Houruck, a nice way of reducing waste.
You are welcome to drop in to the makerspace uptairs at the back of the Boileroomon a Tuesday or Friday evening from around 6:30pm if you would like to see more of what we do.

@stochastic_forest, we went to the open day yesterday. The place is well equipped. And I met a fellow Hungarian. :slight_smile: I am still in the process of moving in, so I won’t be able to start projects for a month or so. But I will try to drop in for another Friday event.

Is the garden place also available for events?

I used to organise Lan Parties for Open Source titles, with workshops and presentations. Also did some game jams as well. They are like hackathons for games. Like the Alt Ctrl Jam, where we made not just the games from scratch, but also the alternative controllers for them.

Hi @Houruck , great you could drop by, I just missed you by the sound of it, @peterc said you had been in.

That sounds great, we are keen to run more events and workshops.The Boileroom, who’s building we are in, have an events space which you probably saw on your visit. They used to run a Retro Gaming session on a Saturday daytime, it’s possible we could talk to them about some community events.

We have run a couple of Repair Cafe’s in the garden in the past, though if there are evening events the Boileroom are running these obviously take precedence.

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