3D terrain printing

Hi everyone,

I came across this makerspace quite recently when looking for a 3D printing community… While I’m completely new to the subject I’ve been along to a few open evenings in the last few weeks to enquire about printing a high resolution 3D model of terrain generated from satellite stereo imagery. If anyone’s done a project of a similar nature before I’d be very interested to hear more.

Aside from this 3D printing I’ve dabbled in other projects, most recently using my raspberry pi to create a ‘weasley clock’ and ‘magic mirror’. I’m looking forward to seeing other people’s projects!

Unfortunately I can’t make the opening evening tonight but hopefully I’ll be around on Friday.



I’ve done a fair bit of 3D printing (i3 clone and Tornado) of household items and found that slopes always expose the layers of a print. So I wonder if a CNC machine with a ball-nose router bit wouldn’t be a better tool? Potentially also larger machines?
Do you already have a printer?


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The 3d printing group is (probably more accurately “was” as it is pretty much dormant now) TVRRUG - Thames Valley RepRap User Group. Many SHM members are also TVRRUG members and unless it has been upgraded beyond all recognition, I believe that the 3d printer at SHM is a TVRRUG Prusa.

The development of many hackspaces across the region means that 3d printer knowledge and support is available much more locally these days and I would say that is definitely the case at SHM.

The TVRRUG Google Group is a large, although mostly inaccessible trove of knowledge.

Have a look at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/tvreprapug/EOPBcjttilI from 2012.


Hi Chris,

Many thanks for your reply - I do not have a printer which is why I’m keen to give the ones in the makerspace a go.

The models I’m particularly interested in printing are of an open cast copper mine - where the slopes are terraced on the pit slopes. So it would be great if the sharp slopes edges do expose the vertical layers of the print!

Hi Samuel,

Just wanted to send you an update in case you haven’t received one so far - on Friday Matt appeared after you left, print in hand. I rather liked the appearance and hopefully you’ll get an opportunity to see it yourself soon :slight_smile:

Brilliant, thanks for the update! I should be able to pop in shortly.