3D Printer Oozing/Retraction

Hi 3d printer gurus,

My Kossel-based printer is back up and running - however I am facing some oozing issues, mainly in the form of ‘blobs’ of plastic that form on the outside shell. Picture incoming, but it is almost certainly what is described here.

I did address this once upon a time, but having lost my previous laptop and the magical Cura settings that I had on it, I’m starting from scratch.

Cura also seems to have some new settings since I last used it - one under ‘Experimental’ is coasting, which seems right down my street (stopping extrusion a little before finishing a move, so the oozing is used to print).

My question is simple - has anyone found a particularly good test print for oozing/stringing/retraction at all? It doesn’t help that I have an E3D Volcano hotend with large nozzle diameters (I am currently testing with 0.6mm), or a relatively long bowden tube, but it would be nice if I can get the retraction settings dialed in. Any recommendations would be very helpful :slight_smile:

My printer is dimensionally very accurate and flat, all my problems now seem to be down to extrusion - so almost there!