3D Printed Protective Face Shields

I’ve received an enquiry from our good friends at the Boileroom about the possibility of
producing the 3D printed parts for the PPE described here for a local surgery.


Not sure of the full details at the moment, would anyone be interested in contributing if they need our help?

Have a look at this thread on the rLab site.

Alex Gibson is organising a large scale “santised” pop-up printer farm to attempt to meet the short term needs of Reading NHS.

There is useful information on there about the practicalities of printing files and sources for the acetate shield. There is also some discussion of necessary hygiene precautions. All might be useful if you are going to “roll your own”.

If you are not going to roll your own but have a printer that you are willing to contribute to the Reading endeavour, then this a link to a Googel Docs spreadsheet where you can volunteer to lend your printer(s) to the farm.

@Malcolm_Napier Thank you for that very useful information. I’m reading my way through the google group thread at the moment.

I’d be happy to help in any way I could.

image image image

This design seems a bit more sturdy…
Anyone on the hunt for polypropylene can find it on https://shop.stephen-webster.co.uk/ and use the code NHS25 for a discount (I checked with the owner, he’s happy with people using it if they’re making PPE). Might want to snipe your PP early in the morning before it runs out :+1: