3D Print Group in/near Guildford?

Hi guys

May be asking the obvious, but is there a specialist 3D printing group near Guildford? I heard there was one looking for an ideas lady. Would that be the one in the library?



@stochastic_forest is our resident Guildford 3D printing Expert and also knowledgeable on things going on in the area.

Is TVRRUG the 3d printer group that you are thinking of? There are quite a few members of TVRRUG in SHM. However, as far as I am aware it has been pretty quiet in the TVRRUG front for many months. This is mainly due to the fact that there are more local hackspaces and each offers 3d printing support.

If there’s is another local 3d printing group, I am very interested in learning about it as we are looking for support with 3d printing events, particularly TeenTech Surrey in November.