26-03-15 Hack Session

Hello SHHers!

It’s been a while since our last hack session… I’m sure you’re all itching to get back into it!

Any interesting projects/progression since our last meetup?

I’ve almost finished building my 2nd 3D delta printer, I spent the weekend trying endless variations of 3d printed parts to tweak it to perfection. I also 3d printed a few parts for other projects.

I’ve also been working on finishing off the installation of the TCAS module into the 747 sim. This module controls the broadcast of a ‘code’ that allows other aircraft and ATC to identify who and where you are.
Video of it working:

I also landed a 747!

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Amazed at that simulator Macaba, for which I have a question I’ve often wondered about it. Can it simulate crashes in a realistic manner ? by this I’m not talking about showing a great fireball and smoldering wreck but is it able to determine if a crash is survivable or not. Recent events got me thinking if it’s able to simulate situations where different glide paths or moving to different terrain could test out what would happen!.
I mean theoretically though it’s hugely difficult, if there was detailed knowledge of terrain below you could drop down to pick up some speed then sharply raise nose and stall land ??
No airman here - just my Wednesday morning hair brained idea !!

It has a very comprehensive damage model - it will blank the screen and display a message if the airframe is damaged beyond repair (a ‘crash’). Thankfully this has never happened during a routine flight.

We have Mindreading with Arduino

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Some SMB soldering. Delicate work. The light isn’t that bad at the Hackspace just the sensor was confused by the lamp.