24th September - 22nd October, hack session needs to be move to a different day

Hi All,

I am doing an Italian cookery course during the period mentioned above, I might treat you all to some proper cooking at the end of it, but in the meantime I won’t be available on Thursday’s.

I have 2 alternatives; Wednesday night or Friday night (Cancelling is the hack session altogether is NOT an option :smile:).

My preference is Friday as we may get a few more late night attendees, but I will let the group decide.

Please post your preference below.

Friday, Friday. Gotta get hacking on Friday.

Friday is fine for me toooo

Friday best for me. Might even make it to the Hackspace in the next month.

So what’s happening with this?? Are we hacking tonight or if not when???


the course has been moved back a week: Friday sessions will be from 2nd October - 30th.

Sunday 4th september hack session is on too :smile: