2016/10/30 - Build your own makerspace

If anyone wants to come along this Sunday, we will be having a build your own makerspace session to try to get the space ready for more full time opening.

If someone feels they have enough knowledge to tackle rewiring the ceiling lighting we can try and arrange a power supply turn off.
A lighting solution using something like these would certainly give our space a modern and distinctive look.

There are plenty of benches that need painting and we have a fair amount of pallet wood to construct storage and shelving. People with belt sanders, even better, batter powered belt sanders would be very welcome !

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What times are you planning to be there?

I will be visiting my parents this weekend (starting from this evening) so could probably make it if it goes on till Sunday evening. Would love to come help finish off :slight_smile:

Great to have you Chris if you can make it, I was thinking sometime from Sunday morning, 10 or 11am until late evening.

It’s been quite a while since we moved in and it would great if people could begin using the space more.

I’m hoping the decorators will finish off tidying up the window surrounds today so we can touch up the paint the benches can go back in place.

I’ll be there this evening from about 6pm.

Excellent !

A little bit behind schedule, but the space will be occupied in 10 minutes !